How about Group Purchasing for Pandora Jewelry?

In recent years, a new type of online shopping is rapidly gaining popularity — group purchasing, which was originally introduced from foreign countries but is now widely accepted all over China. People can buy not only goods, but also all kinds of services on group purchasing sites.

Group purchasing is very convenient, and saves people a lot of money. But it also has some problems. Just set the Pandora jewelry buying as an example, as we all known, Pandora is a kind of luxury goods. If people want buy it a little cheap, they will probably call their friends together to do the group purchasing so as to make it a little bit cheap. Indeed, since group purchasing is nothing more than another form of online shopping, the nature of it is no different from other online shopping patterns. Problems that exist in online shopping also can be found in group purchasing, like deceptive advertisements or poor after-sale services.

In my opinion, we should treat group purchasing as a way of shopping and nothing more. We must be careful not to buy something we don’t need only to follow the fashion. So is to the Pandora, we need to tell apart what is our really needs and what is not.